Business List Attributes


  • Zip Code (5 and 9 digit)

  • City

  • State

  • County

  • Mile Radius – (within an address )

Geography attributes can include multiple Zip Codes, Cities, States, and Counties.

Business Demographics

  • Contact Gender

  • Cottage Industry - Indicates if the business is run from a residence (home office).              

  • Credit Code (Modeled) - Several (but not all) of the factors involved are the stability of the industry, length of time in business, historical performance and size of the business. The Credit Code is a single digit code: A=Excellent, B=Very Good, C=Good, I=Institution, P=Professional, U=Unknown or Less than Good.

  • Modeled Credit Grade

  • Modeled Credit Rating     

  • Employee Size By Location, and Company Wide

  • Employer Identification Number Indicator            

  • Expenses Dollars Spent on - Advertising and Promotions, Payroll and Benefits, Rent and Lease, Technology, Telecommunications, Utilities    

  • First Year In Business

  • Fortune Ranking - The Fortune Ranking select indicates the Fortune 1000 ranking for the company

  • Import/Export Indicator   

  • Location Type – If the business is a headquarter, a branch or a subsidiary location.

  • Non-Profit Business Indicator

  • Owner - Ethnic Code

  • Owns/Rents

  • Physical/Mailing Address Match

  • Primary NAICS Code      

  • Primary SIC Code            

  • Public/Private Indicator

  • Sales Volume (Range) - The Sales Volume (Range) select indicates the annual sales volume reported by the business.

  • Small Business Indicator - Contains businesses which have a location or corporate employment size of 1 – 9, and a contact of president or owner title.

  • Square Footage Per address       

  • Stock Exchange Code    

  • Top Contact Name - allows you to choose Business Lists with or without Contacts      

  • Top Contact Title Code 

  • Website URL Indicator  

  • Woman Owned

  • Years In Business Range

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