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Data Append

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We can enhance your data

Data Enhancement adds additional fields to your data list including Email Address and Phone Number. These fields can be an integral part of your direct mail process. The enhanced records will be up-to-date. The more you understand and know about your customer, the better your engagement results will be.


Additional data services include:

Remove Duplicated Data 

We can remove duplicated data from your data list.  

Data Merging


You may have want to combine data from various sources and create one-master list.

Data Suppression


suppress/remove unwanted data from your existing database. This may include certain names, addresses, cities, zip. You may only want to target a radius within your database.  We can provide this service.


If there is not a data service listed that you need, please feel free to give us a call. We have a very experienced and capable in-house data analyst ready to work on any customized needs

Speak to a marketing consultant 1-800-311-6052






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