Frequently asked questions

What kinds of finish (coating) can I get?

We use Silk (a premium type of Matte) finish for all our postcards by default. We also offer glossy, unfinshed, or super high-gloss by request.

What does 4/4, and 4/1 mean?

4/4 is the process of printing with 4 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) on both sides of the postcard. 4/1 is the process of printing with 4 colors on one side, and using black ink on the other side.

What kind of paper stock do you use?

We use 14pt, 100lb premium cardstock by default for all of our orders. By request, we can also use 120lb premium card stock for your order.

Do you offer design services?

Yes. we can design a front and back postcard for the size of your choosing. Our design services offer unlimited revisions, and will not go to print until you are completely satisfied.

How much does a postcard design cost?

The price per design depends on the postcard size you choose. Prices are broken out at follows: 4.25" x 6" - $99 6" x 8.5" - $149 6" x 11" - $199

What are the required postcard design specs?

If you designed your own postcard, these are the required spects required for printing. Bleed - 1/8'' or 0.125'' along each edge. Bleed is set beyond the "Trim Size". For example, if the trim size is 4.25'' x 6'', the acutal size of the postcard card needed is 4.375'' x 6.125''. Margins - 1/4'' or 0.25'' along each edge.

Can I print on a custom size of my choice?

Yes. simply let us know what size card you would like, and we can place that order.

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