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Mailing Lists

Types of Mailing Lists we offer


Targeted Mailing Lists

This option allows you to pin-point a consumer base using specific data attributes including age, buying activity, income, marital status, or ethnicity. Our mailing lists are compiled from numerous sources of public record. Other personalized options available are Geographic, Demographic, and lifestyle.

Saturated Mailing Lists

Saturated mailing lists are most popular for businesses that want to mail to most addresses in a particular area. Saturated mailing is general in nature and does not offer for extensive personalization or targeting. This list is the most economical and low-cost option. This type of data is great for mailers as it provides opportunities to receive substantial postal discounts based on the carrier route saturation that is achieved.

B2B Mailing Lists

Dataprint Works also provide Business-to-Business (B2B) mailing lists. Our business listing data attributes provided may include employee size, SIC costs, and sales volume. Business listings are compiled from a variety of public and private record sources including credit data, legal filings, and professional journals. Personalization options for B2B data include Geographic, Firmographic, Franchise, and Job Functions.

Pre Mover / New Mover Mailing Lists

New mover lists - This option allows you to identify new residence within the last two years. New mover data is updated on a weekly basis and is compiled from a variety of sources. Unique criteria include consumer demographics, distance of move, among other criteria selections.

Pre-mover Lists – This option allows you to target homes that have been listed as well as properties that in escrow. This list is compiled from county records, newspapers, and real-estate focused websites. Unique criteria selections include the listing price, number of adults, and Square footage. It should be noted that not all records include the homeowner’s name.


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Targeted Mailing List
Saturated Maling List
Specialty Mailing Lists

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