Targeted Mailing List



  • Zip Code (5 and 9 digit)

  • City

  • State

  • County

  • Mile Radius – (within an address)

Geography attributes can include multiple Zip Codes, Cities, States, and Counties.


  • Age (ranges)

  • Ethnicity – Country of Origin, Group

  • Race

  • Religion

  • Gender (Individual)        

  • Income - Broad Range (ranges of up to $500,000+)

  • Net Worth (Estimated) 

  • Homeowner/Renter

  • Household Size

  • Head of Household

  • Marital Status

  • Education – Graduate level

  • Business Owner

  • Veteran in Household

  • Mail Responders

  • Homeowner Options - Year Built in Ranges, Home Market Value, Loan to Value Range, Home Purchase Date, Length of Residence

  • Dwelling Unit Size – Single, Multi-Family

  • Credit Card – Regular card holders, premium card holder, types of credit cards

  • Modeled Credit Score (Range) - proprietary model that uses a variety of demographic and lifestyle data to create a score that indicates which households are likely to become long-term, good paying customers.

  • Property – Estimated Number of Residential Properties Owned, Vacation Property Ownership Rank, Property Type (Single, Multi), Purchase Amount

  • Vehicle - New Car Buyer, Number of Vehicles, Truck/Motorcycle/RV, Vehicle Insurance Renewal Month, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Verification Date

  • Life Insurance - Policy Owner

  • Life Insurance – Likely to Purchase

  • Homeowner's Insurance Expiration Date - Loan Month

  • Homeowner's Insurance Expiration Date - Purchase Month

  • Life Event - Child Nearing High School Graduation, College Graduate, New Parent, Newlyweds, Recent Divorced, Recent Home Buyer, Recent Mortgage Borrower, Vehicle - Intend to Purchase

  • Buying Activity (broad range of attributes) - Most Common for retailers, please contact for more information.

  • Donor Activity (broad range of attributes) – Most Common for Non-profits, please contact for more information

  • Travel Activity – Please contact for more information

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